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“I have worked with United Relocation on several occasions. They have an outstanding service and care to their clients. I would highly recommend them to other agents and to professionals looking for properties. They truly dedicate their time and efforts to making properties look outstanding.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with United Relocation. A professional company that takes pride in what they do and are a major value add for corporate letting.

We’ve been particularly impressed by the quality home improvements they have made to our landlord’s property and the great communication we’ve had throughout. We are definitely looking forward to working with them again.”

“When United Relocation showed an interest in renting one of our properties we were slightly apprehensive due to their business model being new to us. We were quickly reassured by their professionalism and conduct in our dealing with them.

The property has been maintained to an excellent standard (in-fact vastly improved) and has caused us no issues throughout the tenancy and we will gladly work with them again.”

“The management of the property from United Relocation is excellent and I am very impressed with how our landlords property is looked after.

John Shepherd would not hesitate to offer our properties in the future. I would highly recommend your services to any other Letting Agency.”

“I have been working alongside United Relocation now for over 2 years and I can honestly say our dealings have been nothing but professional and pleasant from the offset. When they originally approached me about working with them in finding suitable properties, they firstly arranged a meeting, provided material to assist in any queries I may have had and helped along the way to ensure working together was as smooth as possible. It was very clear to me that the opinion of their brand was very important to them and I could see why. I found that what they did as a company was above anyone else I had worked with providing a similar service and they deserve all the success with it. I am happy to recommend Dan, Simon and Mick in there ability to provide a secure let for the landlord and re assurance the property will be well kept along the way.”

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